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It has always been our goal to get satisfactory customer by offering reliable services at affordable rates. We provide hi-quality end to end solutions to our customers. We understand that maintenance at home is a challenging job, that's why we are here for "Cheap And Best" services.

  • We Serve All Makes And Brands
    By repairing and replacing all types of equipment.

  • Clean Up & Extend equipment
    Maintenance of your product is important to prevent health and safety issues. Keep the product clean and prevent break downs by keeping your system operating at peak performance and efficiency.

  • Sale & Purchase Old Product

  • Regular Checkups & Avoid costly breakdowns
    Adjusting and tuning of system to work more efficiently. Handle small problems before it become expensive repairs.

  • Save Money & Quality Products
    We use leading brands. Save on the air conditioning/heating portion of bill rather to pay for the service.

We provide installation of product at very reasonable rate

Each customer in Jigisha Trading Co. has a computerized service record and a hard copy service card. The installation will be completed to your entire satisfaction and a feed back card seeks your endorsement for the highest quality installation. Break-down telephone calls are personally attended to before the fourth ring of the telephone. Service requests after office hours can be emailed to service@jigishatradin.com. Each service request is assigned a service docket number and will be attended to within 24 hours.

 Our licensed technicians evaluate, give accurate analysis and efficiency as comparison to industry best standards.  Our technicians better serve you for all models and makes of commercial and residential air conditioning equipment. Our service department provides service on all working days (10.00am to 9.00 pm)